• Kids Microscope
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    Kids Microscope

    Kids microscope, children teaching tools, teachers applications, 1000x magnification digital microscope . HD USB Digital Microscope Industrial Use for Cell Phone Repair, Electronic Magnifier, Skin Hair Follicle Detector, etc. Contact us for Free Sample . For more images and information, please...
  • Usb Microscope Camera
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    Usb Microscope Camera

    How usb microscope camera serve as hair care instrument, Beauty & Health - Home Appliances & Small Electrics? In your house you may need this hair care tool model, Hair Tools & Appliances. You can view zoomed images and videos on the screen, beauticians can read data/text report...
  • 3d Microscope
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    3d Microscope

    What is 3d microscope? Three demension microscope is compared with digital microscope. This digital microscope is polarized light microscope, what is it applied for? Polarized light microscopes are widely used in minerals, chemistry and other fields. In human and zoology, polarized light...
  • Fluorescence Microscopy Uses
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    Fluorescence Microscopy Uses

    Is it possible to have fluorescence microscopy compared with LED digital microscope? The latter uses imaging performances through computer display or smartphone screen, Contact us for Free Sample . For more images and information, please visit this link. Find us in YouTube Demo . This is the...
  • Digital Blue Microscope
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    Digital Blue Microscope

    Digital blue microscope, beautiful gadgets, both beautitians and this great salon instrument share a passion for observing the visual beauty of skin, face, through zoomed images and videos. This computer microscope B30S is connected with laptop or even smartphone, to view the images on the...
  • Computer Microscope Reviews
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    Computer Microscope Reviews

    Computer microscope reviews, what is the use of computer microscope for? USB digtial microscopes are great tools for learning, exploration, or hobby. Find us in YouTube Demo . Apart from the applications of Health-care Mini Microscope, this tools is helpful in veterinary hospital &...
  • Binocular Microscope Parts
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    Binocular Microscope Parts

    Binocular microscope compared with digital microscope, imaging tools in polarised light. This model is microscope camera is Polarizing Microscopy Gadgets . Polarizing digital microscope, digital video camera combined with a high magnification lens and multiple ultra-bright LED lights for special...
  • Microscope With Camera
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    Microscope With Camera

    What are the Different Types of Custom digital microscope ? Here is one of the recommended hot sale microscope camera: 2MP, 200X magnification, 8 LED USB/WIFI hd digital microscope, it means cool cheap Chinese gadgets, very useful as Powered Digital Microscope Endoscope Zoom Camera Magnifier...
  • Microscope Kits
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    Microscope Kits

    This Tablet-Microscope-Kit is for beauty care specialist, with it you can oberve very clearly hair or skin, zoomed images or videos on the tablet. Who will need it? Skin Care Specialist, hair care professionals, esthetician, beautycare experts, aestheticians and those who are engaged in beauty...
  • Trinocular Microscope
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    Trinocular Microscope

    Compared with dinolite product, digital microscope trinocular camera is beneficial for beauty salon, teaching, presentation purposes as professional settings. Visit youtube digital microcamera demo:
  • Facial Analyzer
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    Facial Analyzer

    WIFI facial analyzer compared with USB facial instruments beautycare gadgets. Contact us for Free Sample . WIFI microscope can be applied in these areas such as: Industrial product inspection,beauty salon accessories, household beauty care, Computer parts inspection, Scientific research,Teaching...
  • Wifi Skin Analyzer
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    Wifi Skin Analyzer

    Find 2018 Newest Wifi Portable Hair Skin Analyz, WIFI microscope for hair and skin. Connected APP, outputting images to your smartphones and iPhone and phablets. We help to customize your business LOGO.
  • Microcirculation Microscope Test
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    Microcirculation Microscope Test

    Microcirculation Detector Beauty salon, Microcirculatory microscope. Instrument for test blood, Microscope Arthritis Model: HT-WXA (or Customized Model name & LOGO) Controller: High Speed DSP(M-jpeg)/CMOS Sensor Magnification Range: 200X Take Images: SNAP Shot Pixels: 720P Light Source :...
  • Digital Micrometer Sets
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    Digital Micrometer Sets

    Our factory produces professional digital microscopes, good quaity compared with dino-lite brand. Manufacture digital micrometer set Custom LOGO / private label on LED digital magnifiers, CNC molding. Best gadgets outputting videos and images on the monitors of computer or smartphone,...
  • Fast Wireless Charger
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    Fast Wireless Charger

    In stock HandyTac High Capacity Qi Wireless Charger Bank 10000 Mah,20000mAh wireless Power Bank. Qi Wireless Charging, USB-C Type C Power Banks, Portable WIFI Power Banks for best sellers on Amazon, Wireless Charger External Battery Pack on B2B plataform. Contact HandyTac for Free Sample . Find...
  • Fast Charger Samsung
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    Fast Charger Samsung

    2018 fast charger for Samsung, for iPhone, one of the best top sales of popular mobilephone accessories on Amazon, Wish, eBay, etc. Contact us for Free Sample . New AFC technology (Adaptive Fast Charging), Samsung WIFI accessories compatible devices, your smartphone or iPad, phablet,iPhone, will...
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