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Users and Tactical flashlights

HandyTac Custom Lighting LTD | Updated: May 25, 2017

Tactical flashlights are used mainly by military and law enforcement personnel, and their functions include:

Confrontation due to the illumination of the tactical flashlight and color temperature is very high, the eyes of the irradiated people have a strong visual inhibition. In the darkness of confrontation, the light beam direct to each other's eyes, the convenience can not distinguish our exact position;

Search tactic flashlight has high color temperature, high recognition rate of irradiated object, good search effect;

Assault and police officers in the burglary, can continue to shine or shine to control each other;

SOS signal can see more than 2000m distance, plus red filter over 4000m;

Near-distance exposure to the scene to watch exhibits, maps, the use of tail flashlight LED light source.

In addition, the tactical flashlight can also be used for long-distance irradiation, interrogation and inspection of vehicles and with the use of pistols.

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