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Tactical Flashlight Features

HandyTac Custom Lighting LTD | Updated: May 25, 2017

Generally more formal tactical flashlight light bulbs are two means of simultaneous application, both xenon and iodine, production is very sophisticated, lamp life can be guaranteed in 5-30 hours or switch thousands of times, but the life of the bulb is very large, this value is only a ballpark value, practical use is difficult to specify which lamp life longer.

When choosing a bulb tactical flashlight, the flashlight is generally required to have a brightness exceeding 60 lumens and the bulb power exceeds 6W.

The medium spot of the tactical flashlight must be a kind of circle with more regularity, must be very uniform, can not have dark spots and bright spots, the center spot and the surrounding pan light to have a relatively smooth transition zone, gradually reduce the brightness, and the center spot of the beam is tapered, to have a certain divergence angle, generally at 15 °, depending on the use of tactical flashlight different. Tactical flashlight used in the reflective bowl is generally designed to reflect the reflective bowl, reflective surface like orange peel to ensure that the spot has the above characteristics.

In addition to reflective bowls, there are flashlights using a full reflector lens or other types of lenses, but from the present point of view, the lens to achieve a wrinkled skin reflective bowl effect is not very easy, so rarely used in tactical flashlight.

Tactical Flashlight concentrator must also have high heat resistance performance, because whether it is high-brightness bulb, high-power LED or HID lamp, has a huge calorific value, but also have the heat resistance of the lamp glass.

Tactical flashlight power consumption ratio is large, so the requirements of the battery is relatively high, large electric rods are generally used several nickel cadmium or nickel hydrogen large rechargeable batteries. Small tactical Flashlight is a lithium battery with small size, high monomer voltage and sufficient electricity. Lithium batteries have rechargeable and can not be recharged, rechargeable metal lithium, lithium-ion, metal lithium because the anode is prone to dendritic crystal punctured diaphragm, resulting in internal short-circuit explosion, so slowly eliminated, now the most common is lithium-ion battery.

Most tactical flashlights have a large diameter of 1 inches (25.4mm), which is designed to be versatile with most optical sights.

Tactical Flashlight switch is basically installed on the tail cover, tactical requirements must have both long bright and shiny function, convenient one-handed switch.

The tail cover switch form is various, the most common is the tail button switch, the button presses down the bright, loosens off, if the tail cover is tightened on the long bright, this kind of switch is the simplest, but the long bright function needs the hands operation.

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