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Hand-held Flashlight

HandyTac Custom Lighting LTD | Updated: May 25, 2017

Hand-held flashlight is used only for pistols. When the hand-held flashlight as a tactical flashlight, a hands pistol, one hand to hold a flashlight. Because the flashlight and the pistol are not tied together, the flashlight can illuminate a wide range. If the target is found with a flashlight, the pistol can aim quickly. Because they are used with pistols, this type of flashlight is smaller in size and convenient for gunmen to control them. Some of these flashlights have tactical switches, light the tail switch can instantly light or extinguish the flashlight. Some handheld flashlight with hand rope, when the need to control the hands of guns, the flashlight will not fall on the ground, when the need for a flashlight, users can quickly get the flashlight.

The police usually use a larger flashlight, and a flashlight head has a gear-like attack head, when the correct use of such a flashlight, can be used as a rod, but also as a tactical flashlight, such as Nextorch P8a flashlight. The left hand holds the flashlight, when meeting the target, quickly uses the flashlight to attack or the defensive target.

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