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Use of strong light flashlight

Source: | Updated: May 25, 2017


Hiking generally does not need to be too high brightness, because the time is longer, can try to choose light some flashlight, at the same time have longer life time. In general, a flashlight needs to be balanced with a moderate concentration of light. However, the leader still needs a higher brightness of the flashlight, and has a certain range. It is more convenient to explore the terrain.


Pan-ray must be better, low demand for brightness, but must choose the long life of outdoor flashlight, it is best to continuously illuminate the whole night above, such a flashlight in convenience and the use of cost advantages.

Night Riding

Because the speed is fast, therefore needs the good brightness, simultaneously to the life time also has the high request, best can achieve the continuous illumination 4 hours. The floodlight is more important to the night riding, the concentrating part does not converge too much. Night rider electricity is not sensitive to weight, so to achieve performance requirements, you can choose a larger flashlight, and note whether it is conducive to the operation and whether it is conducive to clamping.


The brightness must be high, the life time relative can be shorter some, at the same time the flashlight best has the anti-collision characteristic, lest is partially has the recoil gun impact damage. This type of flashlight does not need to be too wide, and the spotlight is moderate.


The brightness of the requirements of almost the brighter the better, the range is also very important, weight and volume had to be placed in the second consideration, you can choose a bright and large flashlight.


The dive flashlight emphasizes absolute water resistance and reliability, and the brightness requirements are high, and the lighting time is good enough (related to the type of your diving exercise). The size and weight of the requirements are not harsh, a large number of handheld lamps suitable for grip, the use of flexible switches to be able to fight water pressure (usually the button switch can not fight the water pressure, diving flashlight more than the rotation or toggle switch). Therefore, it is best to prevent the accidental shedding of the hand rope with locking function.

Probing hole

The excavation of the environment is more sinister, and the hole in the rock reflectivity is low, so the brightness must be high! The water in the hole requires a flashlight to have a good waterproof characteristics, and at any time the possibility of crisis situation requires the flashlight to be rugged, the impact of the stone and fall without damage.


EDC is the abbreviation of every day carry, meaning to carry a flashlight, this kind of flashlight is generally a miniature standby flashlight, must be small and light, in order to carry at any time available. In some emergency situations, it is often this kind of flashlight that can be brought around at any time to save your life. EDC flashlight due to the limitations of the volume of power, general brightness low life long, or the brightness of a short life, the function will not be too much, you can choose according to their own needs. Usually if there is a main flashlight, it is best to choose the less-than-life EDC, which is more secure in the lighting time.

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