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Pressure Switch with Explosion-Proof

Source: | Updated: Mar 09, 2018

Basic Info

  • Type: Electronic

  • Structure: Power Built-in Type

  • Application: Industrial

  • Contact: Normally Open

  • Detection Method: Retro-reflective Mode

  • Certification: SGS, ISO9001, UL, CE, CCC

  • Origin: China

  • Number of Switch: Single Control Switch

  • Usage: Control Switch

  • Explosion-proof Type: Flameproof

  • Contact Type: Type a Contact

  • Brand: Nara

  • Transport Package: Standard Exported Package

Product Description

Brief introduction
1. This model intelligent pressure switch is a kind of intelligent digital pressure control products
2. It integrate pressure measurement, LED display and control. 
3. It is complete electronic structure, the former adopt pressure sensor which is diaphragm, oil fulfill and piezoresistive type. 
4. Application: Measure the gas and liquid. Suit for pump control, tank monitoring, level control, filter plug, monitoring, leakage monitoring. Also it widely used in hydraulic and pneumatic situation, like mechanical facility and process control. 

Main features
1.4 digits display the current pressure value, pressure preset switch point and delay switch output. 
2. Switch signal can be set it randomly between zero and full scale. The housing have LEB with node action. 
3. Easy to observing key-press calibration and the parameter's setting in field. Convenient operation. The overload capacity is 1.2A for 2 channels switch signal output. 
4. Analog output (4-20Ma), the measurement range: 0-600bar (Option)

Ordinary typeAnti -explosion
Working viscosity≤10-3m2 / s≤10-3m2 / s
Switch elementMicro switchMicro switch
Range of anti-explosion/Exed II CT6 number:320110395
Range of Shell protectionIP65IP65
Environmental temperature-15 °C -65°C-15 °C -65 °C
Environmental humidity5%-95%5%-95%
Life span105times circle105times circle
Contact capacityVmax=380v Imax=15AVmax=380v Imax=5A
Repeatability error≤1.0 %≤1.0 %


Scale numberScaleDead zoneSwitching frequencySensor material
KK022-0-2KPa30Pa10times/secDing Qing rubber
KK1010-0-10KPa0.2KPa10times/secDing Qing rubber
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