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Police flashlight Use method

Source: | Updated: May 25, 2017

Battery Installation

Unscrew the tail cover, pay attention to the positive and negative polarity of the battery, put the battery in, screw up the tail cover

When the torch is off, press the middle rubber cap and hear the "click" sound, which means that the flashlight is turned on and the above steps are closed

When used, press the switch light to light the weak light. Need to switch light as long as the light point switch can achieve tactical bursts. The function is in turn, weak light, strong light, Flash. In the press switch light out

How to charge

Shan unscrew the flashlight tail cover and remove the battery

Shan put the battery into the Special charging box (note: The battery must be put positive and negative battery box positive or negative, otherwise not charged)

The Shan takes out the charger to insert two pins into the electrical connector and inserts the Jack end into the battery cartridge jack. Charging when the lamp on the top of the red color, when the light from red to green, indicating that the charge completed, then you can remove the battery for use.

(Note: Battery charge time is about 8 hours)

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