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Characteristics of Police flashlight products

Source: | Updated: May 25, 2017

Attack type design, waterproof and anti-pressure and fall, intelligent fast charge

Switch: Central switch. Unique bursts function design. When used, press the switch light to light the weak light. The need to switch light as long as the light point switch can reach the tactical bursts. The function is in turn, weak light, strong light, Flash.

Appearance: Precision CNC machining, thickening anode oxidation treatment, matte black

Lens Material: Imported high quality UCL double coated lenses, light transmittance extremely strong

Function: Weak light, strong light, three kinds of flash

Waterproof: Fully sealed design, can be 1 meters underwater operation, high hardness alloy shell, high and low temperature resistance, high humidity performance, can be used in a variety of harsh environmental conditions.

Smart charging: Charger using chip control charge, with constant current, constant voltage charging, overcharge protection, short-circuit protection, turn light function, anti-intrusion protection function.

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