Handheld Microscope With Light

Handheld Microscope With Light

Handheld microscope with LED light. Customise LOGO on these products, LED magnifiers , indmu.com CNC molding. Best videos and images zoomed effect outputting on the monitors of computer or smartphone, please visit YouTube demo video . This model: MIC-S10 USB handheld digital microscope LED...

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Handheld microscope with LED light. 

Customise LOGO on these products, LED magnifiers , indmu.com CNC molding.

Best videos and images zoomed effect outputting on the monitors of computer or smartphone, please visit YouTube demo video.

This model: MIC-S10

USB handheld digital microscope LED camera.

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Lab Microscopes eBay & Amazon, Portable Digital Microscope with Built in Polarizing kit: USB Microscopes, HandyTac LED products with superior image quality, friendly and compact form, ease-of-use application,take the best advantage of beneficial marketing.

LED gadgets supply schools, applied as educational equipments.

We are a professional factory, producing Portable Digital Microscope, Health care microscope, Beauty-care microscope; images/videos shown on your smartphone or computer via USB or WIFI, see:  Mini Health-care microscope, portable Beauty-care microscope, www.indmu.com. This product can be used in these areas as follows: Industrial product inspection PCB,Computer parts inspection,Scientific research,Teaching and Educational tool,Children's interest in science, Laboratory studies,Medical analysis, Beauty care industry, Skin examination, Hair testing, Insect anatomy, plant anatomy,Textile observation,......etc.

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